Our platforms are used by organisations to manage a range of services including tutoring, social care and other provisions to the public and private sectors.

Manage Operations

Manage workers and clients, schedule bookings and track service delivery, host and track online sessions in real time.

Secure Data

Control users and data access, secure messaging, collect sensitive data, approve and share report submissions.

Automate Processes

Automate admin tasks and notifications, monitor key metrics, integrate with existing systems, customise features.

Key Features

We provide a range of platforms tailored to different service provisions.

  • • Manage workers, clients and service users.
  • • Schedule bookings and log service delivery.
  • • Host live online sessions and track attendance in real-time.
  • • Control account types and data access.
  • • Secure messaging, with file sharing and safeguarding.
  • • Collect, store and share sensitive data for service users.
  • • Approve and share custom report submissions from workers.
  • • Automate admin processes and setup custom notifications.
  • • Generate service delivery reports and monitor key metrics.
  • • Apply your own branding and use your own URL.
  • • Integrate with your existing systems through API or data uploads.
  • • Customise features to support your specific operations.


Our Tutor Office platform has been developed specifically for management of tutoring services, both online line and in-person. The platform enables efficient tutor and client management, stores sensitive student data, automatically tracks tutoring session delivery, provides integrated safeguarded online classrooms, and collects tutor feedback and reports to share with clients. Tutor Office can also be optionally integrated with our custom payment system, Tutor Wallet ®, which can collect payments from clients and automate lesson billing and tutor payouts.

Tutor Office supports tutoring delivery to both the private and public sectors. It is used by leading private tutoring agencies, organisations working with schools, and for delivery of funded programmes including the UK government's National Tutoring Programme.

Tutor Office

Social Care

Our Social Care platform is designed to assist delivery of social care services. The platform enables efficient assignment and schedulling of shifts, collects and stores sensitive service user data (e.g. care plans), handles submissions from workers (shift reports, incident reports, MAR reports etc) with approvals, allows control of access for clients and social workers, and tracks key delivery metrics.

The platform is used by leading social care providers and recruiters to mange service delivery, secure data and ensure compliance.

User Management

Online Sessions

Data Security

Key Metrics

Custom solutions

We can work with you to design and build a bespoke platform to meet the exact requirements of your organisation. We provide full technical guidance to produce effective and compliant solutions.

We specialise in creating platforms to securely manage sensitive data and to automate and streamline administration tasks to allow organisations to enhance data control and elevate and scale their operations.


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